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Why Use Ethernet Extenders?

Long range Ethernet extenders are a cost effective way to provide a network connection to remote locations or network devices that are beyond the natural 328 foot (100m) limitation of network cable. Using technology standards like VDSL2, G.SHDSL.bis, or HCNA, Ethernet extenders can carry broadband network signals over extreme distances over a single twisted-pair phone line or coax cable. Netsys’s Ethernet extender product line provides a wide range of solutions, from extreme distances to campus environments to industrial-grade installations to power over Ethernet ready wireless access point networks. Long range Ethernet extenders are a simple, reliable, and cost effective solution for even the most challenging applications, whether it’s setting up a PoE security camera network over existing phone lines, bringing hospitality environments up to today’s data requirements for guests using only existing infrastructure, extending a network connection to a remote outbuilding or trailer on your campus or just a shed or workshop in your backyard, or extending a data connection to point of sale terminal, gate control, or time clock in a mall, stadium, residential, or warehouse environment.
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