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Shop a variety of industry-leading VDSL and DSL products for sale at Netsys. Whether you’re looking for a DSL Ethernet extender, bridge, or router, we have exactly what you need. No matter if you’re in a small office environment or an industrial warehouse, all of our VDSL and DSL products provide high-speeds and long-range solutions to any distance over twisted-pair copper. If reaching extreme distances is a must, our products can reach distances of up to 22,000 feet and deliver a high-speed broadband connection to even the most remote locations. Backed by our 2-year standard warranty, you’re not only receiving a great DSL product but exceptional customer service. If you’re interested in a DSL Ethernet extender or any of our other products, give us a call at 877-638-7971 to get started. We look forward to helping you find the perfect product based on your needs.
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DSL Products

From the high speeds of our VDSL2-based products to the extreme reach of our G.SHDSL.bis products, Netsys’s wide range of industry-leading DSL solutions will meet the needs of any application. Don’t be limited by the cost and inconvenience of installing a new network infrastructure when you can utilize your current wiring to bring broadband speeds to even your most remote locations. As voice signals only utilize a small fraction of the bandwidth available on standard twisted-pair telephone wire (about 3,000 Hz out of the several million available), DSL technologies are capable of providing extraordinary speed over your existing infrastructure while not interfering with telephone signals. Need speed? Try our VDSL2 products lines, capable of speeds up to 160Mbps symmetrical (320Mbps aggregate), and distances of up to 10,000’ while still reaching speeds of 5Mbps downstream and 1.5Mbps upstream. If your application requires reaching extreme distances, Netsys’s G.SHDSL.bis products can reach distances of up to 22,000’, providing a broadband connection to even the most remote locations over existing wiring.

Our DSL Products

The Netsys VDSL2 GigaPort Bridge Modem & Media Converter (NV-320DP) is the latest and fastest VDSL2 based CO/CPE configurable Bridge Modem with symmetrical line speeds up to 160Mbps (320Mbps aggregate bandwidth) and distances up to 10,000 feet/3km at 2Mbps downstream/500Kbps upstream over a single twisted pair of copper phone or network grade cable. The VDSL2 GigaPort Bridge Modem & Media Converter works with the Netsys 8-Port Unmanaged Gigabit SFP Media Converter Switch (NS-280FX) and Netsys NV-100SFP-M Long Reach Ethernet over VDSL2 SFP (CO/Master) and features auto-sensing/auto-configuring speeds of up to 160Mbps symmetrical, optimized based on the operating environment.

The Netsys G.SHDSL.bis Ethernet Extender Kit (3010EKIT) provides the ultimate long-range solution for point-to-point Ethernet connections up to 22,000 feet (6.7 km) and speeds up to 15.288Mbps over existing phone or network cable. The kit includes two Netsys 3010E G.SHDSL.bis modems configured for Plug N’ Play operation over a single twisted pair.

The Netsys 8-Port Unmanaged Gigabit SFP Media Converter Switch (NS-280FX) is an unmanaged SFP switch, specially designed to support high power consumption SFP modules, such as VDSL2-SFP (including the Netsys NV-100SFP-M) and G.fast-SFP modules. This allows the NS-280FX to serve as an unmanaged IP DSLAM, while also providing the flexibility to utilize VDSL2-SFP, G.fast-SFP module as well as fiber optical SFP modules to extend your networking services for a wide variety of applications.

DSL Solutions for any Application

Netsys’s wide range of DSL products are designed to meet the needs of any application where the distance exceeds the natural 328’ (100m) limitation of network cable. Using the available frequency range of your existing cable infrastructure, our DSL products are capable of providing speeds up to 160Mbps symmetrical (320Mbps aggregate) and distances up to 22,000 feet, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of installing new network cabling and expensive network equipment. Netsys DSL solutions set the industry standard for the fastest long-range broadband speeds, providing flexible solutions for applications ranging from point-of-sale terminals, IP cameras, wireless access points, campus environments, warehouses and other industrial installations, remote offices or outposts, and any number of applications that require broadband speeds to be carried over distances exceeding the 328 foot limit of network cable. Backed by our best-in-industry two year standard warranty (at no extra cost) and the highest quality customer support, our DSL products are robust and reliable, giving you top-end performance as well as peace of mind.

Whether your application is a commercial office environment or an industrial warehouse, Netsys has the DSL solution to meet your needs. When running new network cable is cost-preventative or simply impractical and wireless is too slow and unreliable, our DSL product line features the flexibility, performance, and reliability unmatched in the industry. Netsys DSL solutions have been relied on to provide high-speed connections in applications ranging from hotels, offices, residential complexes, research campuses, professional stadiums, malls, colleges, resorts, and many more!

We have a wide range of DSL solutions to suit a variety of application needs and budgets. Backed by our industry leading 2 year standard warranty, our DSL product line brings you the finest quality, and ensure we deliver the highest quality of customer service to each client. Our products are utilize the latest technologies and are proven to be effective. We place a high value on all feedback to enhance each item including IP DSLAMs, VDSL2 modems, and Industrial-Grade VDSL products.

Whether you are an IT Manager for a large corporate company, or a small business owner, we have the products to benefit your company. By keeping our inventory at a budget-friendly cost, we know that we have something for everyone.

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