Ethernet Over Coax

Our HCNA products provide easy-to-use and flexible solutions for providing Ethernet connections over coaxial cables. Each of our Ethernet over coax products features a maximum bandwidth of 200Mbps! Our products are the ultimate solution whether you’re working with a point-to-point application or an MDU/MTU installation.

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Our Ethernet Extender Products

Our HyperXtender Coax Kit (NH-310CEKIT) is the ultimate solution for high-speed networking over coaxial cabling. The need for transferring large multimedia files like music, videos or photos is rapidly increasing. This Ethernet extender kit meets the demands that are now found both at home or in the office. This kit is everything you need for a simple and cost-effective solution for creating standards-based coaxial cable data networks.

With our Ethernet Over Coax MDU Master (NH-310H) and Ethernet Over Coax MDU End Point (NH-310S), you can utilize the existing coax infrastructure of your high-density residential, hospitality, or campus environment to easily deploy a broadband network, even when there are already TV/STB signals on the cable. Each MDU Master can support up to 61 MDU End Points on a single coax network, providing a cost-effective solution for providing room-to-room internet access or for expanding your WiFi network.

Turn Your Existing Coax Infrastructure Into A Broadband Network

Netsys Ethernet over coax Ethernet extender solutions allow you to deploy a high speed broadband network using your existing infrastructure, eliminating the need to run new network cabling when it is not cost effective to do so. Whether it’s a simple point-to-point application or a large MDU/MTU residential or hospitality environment, our Ethernet over coax product line provides a wide range of flexible solutions to meet the demands of even the most difficult installations. Don’t be limited by the constraints of WiFi technologies or the physical limitations of your home, office, or campus.

HCNA Ethernet Extender over coaxial cable

With our HCNA Ethernet Extender over coaxial cable product line, you can run network connections over an existing RG-6, RG-11, or RG-59 cable with little to no modification required. This is the perfect solution for a broad range of applications, including connecting isolated user stations or overcoming obstacles such as distance. Older stone or concrete architecture can sometimes make new wiring or wireless connectivity impossible, but Netsys Ethernet over coaxial cable Ethernet extenders allow you to extend your network anywhere.

Our Ethernet Over Coax Products allow you to connect up to 4,000 feet over 75 Ohm coax cable and allows TV or STB (set top box) signals to share the same coaxial cable without interference. Expand free Wi-Fi throughout your apartment complex or connect your business's servers with one of these extenders. You’ll be glad you did when file sharing becomes instant, rather than waiting for files to slowly download.

The demands for faster file-sharing, triple-play services, and high-speed VOIP are increasing regularly, which is why we try to meet those demands with our Ethernet Extender over Coaxial Cable products. We ensure the best customer service and value for each of our customers. All products are developed to achieve the highest quality, while still being cost efficient.

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