Ethernet Extenders

Let Netsys be your trusted provider for the fastest Ethernet extender kits on the market. These innovative products give you the ability to extend your Ethernet network over greater distances and to remote locations. Whether you’re looking for the brand new, VDSL2, or G.SHDSL.bis Ethernet port extenders, we have a wide variety of flexible solutions to meet your needs over twisted-pair copper. Our point-to-point Ethernet extender kits deliver high-speeds and long-range broadband connections to any application. No matter the distance, speed, or infrastructure requirements, our Ethernet extender solutions are made to work in all types of environments. At Netsys, we’re dedicated to your satisfaction. Whether you need assistance finding the perfect Ethernet extender or would like more detailed information on our products, we’re happy to help. Browse our Netsys Ethernet port extenders below!
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Ethernet Extenders

Netsys Ethernet extenders set the standard for long range broadband connections, with solutions for almost any application, no matter the distance, speed, or infrastructure requirements. Our wide range of Ethernet extender products can utilize new or existing phone line or network cable to provide bandwidth up to 1.2Gbps aggregate, and distances up to 22,000 feet! Netsys Ethernet extender solutions provide extraordinary flexibility for numerous environments, from simple point-to-point applications to large campus complexes.

BRAND NEW: Managed Ethernet Extender Kit (NV-450EKIT)

We are proud to introduce the first point-to-point Ethernet Extender on the market, the NV-450EKIT Managed G.Fast Ethernet Extender. With line speeds up to 1.2Gbps (aggregate) over a single twisted-pair of network or phone grade cable, the Managed G.Fast Ethernet Extender Kit is the premier solution for today’s high bandwidth applications. With the flexibility to use VDSL2/VDSL35b/ ADSL2+ band profiles for applications at distances which exceed distance capabilities, the NV-450EKIT is the ideal solution for FTTpd/FTTN applications, or to eliminate all-together the expense and hassle of fiber cable and equipment, saving you time and money.

Our Ethernet Extender Products

The Netsys HyperXtender ER Ethernet Extender Kit (NV-202EKIT) provides the ultimate Ethernet Extender solution for point-to-point connections up to 10,000 feet and over existing phone lines or network cable. The HyperXtender ER Ethernet extender kit includes two HyperXtender ER (NV-202E) units and features auto-sensing/auto-configuring speeds of up to 100Mbps symmetrical, optimized based on the operating environment.

Our Managed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender Kit (NV-700EKIT) includes everything you need to quickly deploy one high-speed point-to-point Ethernet link at distances up to 10,826 feet (3.3km) with line speeds topping 100Mbps (up to 1,000 feet) over a single twisted-pair of network or phone grade cable. The NV-700L's web based management tool allows users to assign an IP address to the devices, manage and monitor the devices remotely on the network, and supports features such as static routing for IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding, and 8 selectable VDSL modes, among other features so users can tailor the configuration settings to suit the specific needs of their application.

Our G.SHDSL.bis Ethernet Extender Kit (3010EKIT) the ultimate long-range solution for point-to-point Ethernet connections up to 22,000 feet (6.7 km) and speeds up to 15.28 Mbps using a single twisted pair of network or phone grade cable. The kit includes two Netsys (3010E) G.SHDSL.bis modems configured for plug-and-play operation.

Our Industrial Grade Ethernet Extenders are designed with extreme environmental conditions in mind, and feature expanded temperature ranges, hardened casing, and DIN rail mounts while still providing the high speeds, long distances, and reliability you’ve come to expect from Netsys products.

Broadband Speeds to Fit Any Application

Our Ethernet extender solutions are the perfect solution for when your application needs require broadband speeds to be carried beyond the 328 foot (100m) limitations of network cable. Netsys Ethernet extenders can use existing network, phone, or coax cable, perfect for those situations where running new network cable or fiber simply isn’t practical or cost effective or infrastructure would make a wireless network slow and unreliable. Our Ethernet extender products are proven and reliable, having been installed in applications ranging from hotels, offices, residential complexes, research campuses, professional stadiums, malls, colleges, resorts, and many more!

With the Netsys Ethernet extender product line, you can run network connections over an existing network-grade phone cable or network cable with little to no modification required. Netsys Ethernet extenders are the perfect solution for a broad range of applications that require long distance broadband connections, from commercial offices to industrial installations. Our Ethernet Extenders allow for extreme flexibility with solutions capable of reaching distances up to 22,000 feet and speeds up to 100Mbps. Netsys Ethernet extenders are the perfect solution for point-of-sale terminals, IP cameras, wireless access points, campus environments, warehouses and other industrial installations, remote offices or outposts, and any number of applications that require broadband speeds to be carried over distances exceeding the 328 foot limit of network cable. Netsys Ethernet extenders are the perfect solution when running new cable infrastructure is impractical or not cost-effective. We ensure the best customer service and value each of our customers. All products are developed to achieve the highest quality, while still being cost efficient.

We have a wide range of Ethernet extenders to suit a variety of application needs and budgets. Backed by our industry leading 2 year standard warranty, our Ethernet Extenders bring you the finest quality, and ensure we deliver the highest quality of customer service to each client. Our products are utilize the latest technologies and are proven to be effective. Whether you are an IT Manager for a large corporate company, or a small business owner, we have the products to benefit your company. By keeping our inventory at a budget-friendly cost, we know that we have something for everyone.

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