Not All Gigabit Ethernet Extenders Are Created Equal

Netsys' First-To-Market Ethernet Extender Kit With True Gigabit Speeds!


Bob Thompson - Netsys-America, LLC Founder and broadband industry marketing and technology expert.

As we prepare to release our first-to-market G.Fast Gigabit Ethernet Extender KIt (NV-450EKIT), I feel it necessary to advise and inform everyone that "Not All Gigabit Ethernet Extenders Are Created Equal." For the purposes of this article, an Ethernet Extender is defined as a pair/set of modems/devices, managed or unmanaged, that extend the reach of Ethernet LAN connections past the 330 foot (100m) distance limitation over a single pair or multiple pairs of twisted-pair copper network or telephone grade cable. In relation to Ethernet Extenders, the term "Gigabit" refers to the upstream, downstream or aggregate (upstream and downstream combined) line speed/bandwidth of data passing in between a pair/set of Ethernet Extender modems/devices. The term "Gigabit" is also used to describe the 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port/s (compliant with 802.3, 802.3u & G.993.5 standards) on the Ethernet Extender modems/devices. Currently, is the only standards based technology capable of providing true "Gigabit" speed/bandwidth past the 330 foot (100m) Ethernet LAN distance limitation. Therefore, unless the Ethernet Extender product is designed around a chipset, has both aggregate line speed/bandwidth capabilities of 1Gbps or more AND has Gigabit capable Ethernet Port/s, IT IS NOT a "TRUE" Gigabit Ethernet Extender! If the Ethernet Extender product only has 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Port/s, IT IS NOT a "TRUE" Gigabit Ethernet Extender!

The NEW Netsys Managed Ethernet Extender Kit (NV-450EKIT) is designed around the Intel chipset, does provide line speed/bandwidth up to 1.2Gbps and have 4 X 10/100/100 Gigabit Ethernet Ports and is the first-to-market dual wave (106/212), point-to-point Ethernet Extender Kit. The NV-450EKIT requires no configuration in default mode, includes one (1) NV-450M Managed G.Fast Ethernet Extender CO/Master, one (1) NV-450S CPE/Slave, and everything needed to quickly deploy one point-to-point, high-speed Ethernet link. The Netsys NV-450EKIT is a "TRUE" Gigabit Ethernet Extender! 

Even though the Netsys NV-450EKIT meets all criteria for a Gigabit Ethernet Extender, it only provides the 1.2gbps aggregate line speed/bandwidth up to 330 feet (100m). At 656 feet (200m), the aggregate line speed/bandwidth is 680Mpbs and at 1,312 feet (400m) the aggregate line speed/bandwidth is still the highest available over a single twisted-pair at 398Mbps. CLICK HERE for the complete NV-450EKIT Performance Test Report. With an online sales price of only $395.00, the NV-450EKIT is the obvious choice for ALL network extension applications up to 1,300 feet (400m).

Technological advances will continue and line speed/bandwidth will increase, but for now, the Netsys Managed Ethernet Extender (NV-450EKIT) represents the latest and greatest Ethernet Extender technology with "TRUE" gigabit line speed/bandwidth.

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