Industrial Grade VDSL2 Ethernet Bridge Modem (200Mbps) - NV-500I

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The Netsys Industrial-Grade VDSL2 Ethernet Bridge (NV-500I) is the next advance in point-to-point Ethernet Extension applications, providing extraordinary bandwidth of up to 100Mbps symmetrical (200Mbps aggregate bandwidth) at distances exceeding 1,000 feet (300 m) and a maximum distance of over 10,000 feet (3 km) at asymmetrical speeds exceeding 1.48Mbps Upstream and 5.04Mbps Downstream over one twisted-pair of phone or network grade cable. The Netsys NV-500I is also compliant with the IP30 standard, and features a metal case design and DIN-rail mount, making it the perfect solution for industrial applications. The NV-500I Ethernet Bridge can be configured for either CO or CPE mode through a built-in DIP switch and features four auto-sensing RJ-45 Ethernet Ports, making it a simple, easy to install solution for a wide range of industrial applications. The NV-500I features auto-sensing/auto-configuration link operation, so there's no configuration required other than setting the DIP switch to select CO or CPE mode. The NV-500I Industrial Grade VDSL2 Ethernet Bridge Modem is designed to utilize an external DC power source and are not provided with power supplies.

The extraordinarily high-speed connection provided by the NV-500I is ideal for delivering video, data, and voice services, including HDTV, VOD, video-conferencing, high-speed internet access, and advanced voice services including VoIP, as well as connecting to other network devices and satellite buildings. The NV-500I can be used in a variety of industrial environments such as factories, MRT, train stations, ticket vending machines, parking systems, monitoring systems, and other point-to-point applications.

The Netsys NV-500I represents the latest and highest performance industrial-grade Ethernet over copper technology at a price you can afford. With the NV-500I, you can finally maximize the use of existing phone or network grade cable at symmetrical speeds up to 100Mbps (200Mbps aggregate bandwidth) and distances up to 10,000 feet (3 km) in a wide range of industrial applications!


    • Provides high bandwidth of up to 100Mbps symmetric (200Mbps aggregate) over Line ports
    • Supports Interleave Delay to prevent against noise and data errors (selectable through CO side DIPswitch)
    • DIP Switch with selectable CO and CPE modes
    • Supports long packet size up to 1,536 bytes
    • Provides surge protection
    • Provides power redundancy and wide-range dual power input (DC12V ~ 48V)
    • Supports Overload Current Protection
    • Supports wide range of operating temperatures (-20°C ~70°C)
    • Supports Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Supports alarm contact (relay output - 1 A @ 24 VDC)
    • Provides DIN-Rail mount for easy installation
    • Metal case design
    • Compliant with IP30 standard

Technical Specifications

Product Kit Contents
    • 1 X Industrial-Grade VDSL2 Ethernet Bridge (NV-500I)
    • 1 X User Manual Download Link (via email)
    • 1 X DIN-Rail mounting plate
    • 2 X Screws
    • Protective caps (1 X Console, 1 X RJ-11, 3 X RJ-45)
    • 1 X 6 pin Terminal Block
    • 1 X 2 pin Terminal Block
Line Port Features
    • Provides high-speed, full-duplex, auto-sensing/auto-configuring link (no configuration required)
    • Provides high-speed, full-duplex, auto-sensing/auto-configuring link (no configuration required)
    • 100Mbps symmetrical (200Mbps aggregate bandwidth) at distances exceeding 1,000 feet (300m)
    • Maximum distances over 10,000 feet (3km) at asymmetrical speeds exceeding 1.48Mbps Upstream / 5.04Mbps Downstream
    • Only one twisted-pair of network grade or telephone grade copper required
    • RJ-11 connector with built-in surge protection
    • Terminal Block connector
    • Compliant with IEEE802.3 / IEEE802.3u and ITU-T G993.2 VDSL2 standards
Ethernet Port Features
    • 4 X 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing RJ-45 Ethernet ports
    • Supports Auto MDIX
    • Supports flow control (IEEE 802.3x) for full-duplex operation
    • Supports back pressure for half-duplex operation
    • Compliant with IEEE 802.3 & 802.3u Ethernet Standards
Terminal Blocks (Power) 
    • 1 X Removable 6-contact terminal block for Power1 and alarm contact
    • 1 X Removable 2-contact terminal block for Power2
DIP Switch
    • Selectable CO and CPE Modes
    • Selectable Low Band/High Band (25K~30MHz/500K~30MHz)
    • Selectable SNR (6bb/9db)
    • Selectable Interleave/INP (1ms/INP=0 / 8ms/INP=2)
    • 1 X Power (PWR) LED
    • 1 X Link/WAN LED
    • 4 X Ethernet LEDs (Link/Activity)
    • 1 X CO Mode Indicator LED
    • 1 X CPE Mode Indicator LED
VDSL2 Line Code
    • Discrete multitone (DMT) modulation
VDSL2 Transmission Mode
    • Packet Transfer Mode (PTM) 
Typical Power Consumption
    • 6W
    • 6.7" x 4.76" x 1.37" (170 x 121 x 35 mm)
Shipping Weight
    • 2 lbs. (0.907 Kg)
Power Requirements
    • Input Voltage: 12 to 48VDC
    • Input Current: 0.5~0.125A
Operating Temperature
    • -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C)
    • 5% to 95% Non-Condensing
Agency Compliance
    • CE, FCC, VCCI
    • 2 years (parts only)

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