Case Study - Power Over Ethernet Solutions with Netsys Ethernet Extend – Case Study - Power Over Ethernet Solutions with Netsys Ethernet Extend

Case Study - Power Over Ethernet Solutions with Netsys Ethernet Extenders

Deploying modern security camera networks can present a number of obstacles.  Modern IP cameras, while combining high definition imaging with easy installation, can have high bandwidth requirements and are restricted by the natural distance limitations of network cable and the expense associated with fiber optic cable.  In addition, cameras are installed in locations that do not have existing AC power. The increase in popularity and cost-effectiveness of power over Ethernet (PoE) powered cameras can provide more flexibility, but PoE technology has the same distance limitation as standard Ethernet. Ethernet extenders can provide cost-effective solutions for overcoming the 328 foot distance limitation of network cable, while facilitating both PoE and the broadband speeds required for high definition images, allowing you to reach even the most remote locations on your network and eliminating gaps in surveillance coverage.  Let’s look at three example network configurations utilizing PoE and Netsys Ethernet extenders.

Power Over Ethernet PoE Ethernet Extender

In this first example, a standard Ethernet switch located at the central office feeds into several Netsys NV-202EKIT Ethernet extender kits, which then convert the Ethernet signal to broadband (VDSL2) and carry the signal out to the remote locations over just a single twisted-pair of network or phone-grade cable.  At each remote location, the NV-202E Ethernet extender remote unit converts the signal back to Ethernet and then connects to a PoE switch, which is then connected to PoE IP cameras within its range using standard RJ-45 cable.  AC Power is required at the remote location to power the NV-202E remote unit and the PoE switch, but power is not required at the IP camera locations. The NV-202EKIT is capable of speeds up to 100Mbps symmetrical up to 1,000’ and distances up to 10,000’ at speeds of 5Mbps downstream and 1.5Mbps upstream. The Netsys NV-202EKIT Ethernet extender kit provides flexibility when installing PoE cameras at extreme distances from the central office and has the bandwidth capability to support a PoE switch fully populated with cameras. A single NV-202EKIT can facilitate coverage for wide ranging areas of your operational network and in this cost-effective, sample configuration, multiple NV-202EKITs can be used to facilitate complete camera surveillance coverage over an entire campus or facility. If more than four or five NV-202EKITs are required, Netsys DSLAMs can be used at the central office with NV-202E remote units to provide the necessary coverage.

Power Over Ethernet PoE Ethernet Extender

For this application, where power is available near (within 328’) the IP camera locations, the remote cameras are being fed from the central office using Netsys NV-202PEKIT HyperXtender PE Ethernet extender kits with PoE remote units. The NV-202PEKIT can provide speeds of 100Mbps symmetrical up to 1,000’ and can reach total distances of 10,000’ at speeds of 5Mbps downstream and 1.5Mbps upstream over a single twisted pair of network or phone grade cable.  Because power is not available at the IP camera locations, the versatile and cost-effective NV-202PE Ethernet extender remote units are installed within 328’ of each camera and provide both a data and PoE over a standard network grade cable.  This configuration example could be used when the majority of the operational coverage for your network falls within the natural 328’ distance limitation of network cable, but you still have a number of hard-to-reach locations over 328’ that require PoE IP cameras to eliminate blind spots in your coverage.

Power Over Ethernet PoE Ethernet Extender

This application is particularly challenging due to the lack of power at or near the IP camera location and the camera location is beyond 328’, the natural distance limitation of network cable and a standard power over Ethernet signal.  Using the Netsys NV-202RPCEKIT Ethernet extender kit with remote power and PoE, you can overcome this challenge by extending both data and PoE signals at extreme distances far exceeding the limits of standard network cabling and the constraints it places on power over Ethernet signals.  The Netsys NV-202RPCEKIT offers a very flexible solution as it can utilize existing coax cable OR network cable infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming AC power or new cabling installation.  The NV-202RPCEKIT Ethernet extender kit delivers both power and data speeds at distances up to 3,608’ over a single coax cable and up to 6,562’ over a single twisted pair of phone or network grade cable. The cost of the NV-202RPCEKIT is a little higher that our other Ethernet extender kits, but the overall costs of a challenging installation environment such as this are greatly reduced. In summary, the Netsys NV-202RPCEKIT provides a powerful, flexible, cost-effective high-speed Ethernet extender solution for even the most difficult to reach locations on any camera network.

These are just a few of examples of how Netsys Ethernet extender solutions can be used to greatly increase the operational area of your security camera network without dramatically increasing costs or the need for intrusive AC power and/or cabling infrastructure installation.  For more information on how Netsys can provide you with a powerful, flexible, cost-effective high-speed solution for your network, call us at 1-877-638-7971 or email us at

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