Do you have an application that requires providing a broadband connection beyond the natural limitations of network cable? Or do you have a remotely located installation that requires a connection to your network? Netsys long range Ethernet extenders are a proven, high-quality, and flexible solution for even the most difficult to reach remote locations requiring a network connection. Netsys Ethernet extenders allow for the flexibility to use twisted-pair copper, coax cable, or fiber and can provide extraordinary bandwidth for applications requiring full network speed reaching distances up to 22,000 feet for applications requiring network connections over extreme distances. With the ability to utilize existing cable infrastructure, even if it is already carrying phone or TV signals, Netsys long range Ethernet extenders are a cost-effective and simple solution for difficult network topographies.

Why Use Ethernet Extenders?

Long range Ethernet extenders are a cost effective way to provide a network connection to remote locations or network devices that are beyond the natural 328 foot (100m) limitation of network cable. Using technology standards like VDSL2, G.SHDSL.bis, or HCNA, Ethernet extenders can carry broadband network signals over extreme distances over a single twisted-pair phone line, network grade cable or coax cable. The Netsys Ethernet extender product line provides a wide range of solutions, from extreme distances to campus environments to industrial-grade installations to power over Ethernet ready and wireless access point networks. Long range Ethernet extenders are a simple, reliable, and cost effective solution for even the most challenging applications, whether it’s setting up a security camera network over existing phone lines, modernizing hospitality environments using only existing infrastructure, extending a network connection to a remote outbuilding or trailer on your campus or just a shed or workshop in your backyard, or extending a data connection to point of sale terminal, gate control, or time clock in a mall, stadium, residential, or warehouse environment.

Solutions For Any Network Requirement

Netsys long range Ethernet extender solutions have become essential to many industries, from large companies spread out over many sprawling installations to providing an internet connection to your home office in the garage in your backyard. Ethernet extenders can bring internet infrastructure in older high-density residential or hospitality environments up to today’s high standards using the infrastructure already in place, eliminating the need for costly construction projects. They also provide simple and flexible solutions for extremely difficult network topographies in interference-rich environments, such as elevator control systems or parking garage gate controls. Long range Ethernet extenders can be used to create network connections where installing new network infrastructure is just not possible, such as connecting to a camera or lift control at a ski resort. Ethernet extenders are perfect for supplying power as well as data to PoE security camera networks over coax cable or phone line throughout large campuses like train yards, airports, warehouses, and schools. With data requirements putting more and more strain on networks and creating a need for providing network connections to more difficult places, Netsys long range Ethernet extenders are the ultimate solution whenever a network connection is needed beyond the limitations of network cable.

Why Use Netsys Ethernet Extenders?

There are many things to consider at when choosing the right long range Ethernet extender for your application. The first and most important thing to look for is reliability and the product warranty. The industry standard warranty is 90 days and quality companies will back their products with a one-year warranty, but beware companies offering extended multiyear warranties as they often come at a significant additional cost. Companies offering a lifetime warranty uplift the cost of the product and have many disclaimers and exceptions. At Netsys, we back our long range Ethernet extenders with an industry leading standard 2-year warranty complete with an advanced replacement program, at no additional cost to you. It is also important to ensure that the Ethernet extender you choose follows industry standard technologies, as proprietary technologies can cause conflicts with other devices and equipment on your network and keep your data from flowing the way you need. Finally, you will want to look for a company that backs their products with exceptional customer service and support, available by phone or online, like the internationally recognized representatives here at Netsys-America, LLC. If our products don’t work out for whatever reason, you can return it to us within the first 45 days for a full refund (less any shipping charges). Combine these factors with the extraordinary speeds, extreme distances, cost-effectiveness and wide range of solutions, and you’ll find that Netsys-America, LLC has the answers for all of your long range Ethernet extender needs.