UPDATE 10/11/2017: Check out the newest innovation in long range Power over Ethernet solutions - the new Netsys NV-202RPCEKIT VDSL2 Ethernet Extender with Remote Power!

I need to install an IP camera about 1,200 feet from my DVR.  Do you have an Ethernet extender that can reach the camera and provide PoE at the same time? Mark H., Gatlinburg, TN

Thanks for your question Mark, we have the perfect solution for your application!  The Netsys NV-202RPCEKIT Ethernet Extender Kit with Remote Power provides long distance power over Ethernet at speeds up to 100Mbps symmetrical and delivers both network connectivity and power over a single twisted pair of network or phone grade cable at distances over 6,500 feet or over coax cable up to 3,600 feet. 

Long Range Power Over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet or PoE describes any of several standardized systems which pass electric power along with data on twisted pair Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power to devices such as wireless access points, IP cameras, and VoIP phones.  There are several common techniques for transmitting power over Ethernet cabling. Two of them have been standardized by IEEE 802.3 since 2003, but standard power over Ethernet is limited by the natural distance limitations of network cable and is unable to reach beyond 328 feet , severely limiting its practicality in a large number of applications.  The Netsys NV-202RPEKIT is the ultimate long distance power over Ethernet solution, reaching far beyond the competition, combining speed, reliability, security, and flexibility for even the most challenging infrastructure challenges.

Many applications require long distance power over Ethernet.  Utilizing the NV-202RPCEKIT’s power over VDSL2 technology, you can now extend your network to the most difficult-to-reach remote locations with no readily available power source.  Standard PoE Ethernet repeaters can create a messy network topography with a large number of potential failure points, but the NV-202RPCEKIT Ethernet extender kit is simple to install, configured for Plug N Play operation right out of the box, ensures the stability of the connection with built-in automatic fault protection and power monitoring.  In addition, with data rates up to 100Mbps symmetrical, the NV-202RPCEKIT won’t limit your network with slow throughput.

The Perfect Solution for Challenging Network Installations

The Netsys NV-202RPCEKIT is a secure, flexible, fast and long range power over Ethernet extender solution for applications ranging from security cameras to remote WiFi access point networks.  The NV-202SC unit is located at the remote end of the connection and provides a power budget of up to 15 Watts through its PoE Ethernet port, giving you the flexibility to install a wide range of power over Ethernet enabled network devices.  The NV-202MC master unit and 48V power supply are typically located at the head of your network and connect to your router or switch and power source. You can connect up to 6,562 feet of twisted-pair phone or network grade cable between the NV-202MC to the NV-202SC remote unit using either the RJ-11 or 2-Pin terminal block line ports on each unit. You can also connect the NV-202RPCEKIT using 75 ohm coax cable, carrying power and data over a single cable up to 3,600 feet.  The Ethernet PoE port on the NV-202SC connects to the attached PoE device. The NV-202MC unit automatically determines the line speed based on line conditions and can range from 100Mbps symmetrical (up to 984 feet) to 7.2Mbps downstream/.5Mbps upstream (up to 6,562 feet).  The power budget of the PoE port on the NV-202SC remote unit ranges from 15.0W (up to 984 feet) to 7.0W (up to 6,562 feet).  The NV-202RPCEKIT also supports OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OTP (Over Temperature Protection) and robust short-circuit protection and surge protection, ensuring the reliability of your network connection.

From reaching remote corners of large campus environments with no access to power to retrofitting a motel with access only to existing phone line infrastructure, the NV-202RPCEKIT works great for wide variety of installation environments.

The Netsys NV-202RPCEKIT long range power over Ethernet extender kit is easy to install with a simple plug N play configuration.  By eliminating the need for repeaters or similar network devices, the NV-202RPCEKIT also cuts down the number of network devices needed to provide data and power to remote locations, decreasing the number of potential points of failure as well as potential security intrusion points.  With Netsys Ethernet extenders, you can rely on a fast and stable network connection that won’t drop traffic or frames from your WiFi network or IP camera.  When your network application requires long range power over Ethernet, trust the Netsys NV-202RPCEKIT for the best quality, high speeds, and extended distances that Netsys Ethernet extenders are known for!

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