Stormin Protection Coax Surge Protector

Stormin Protection Coax Surge Protector


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Stormin Protection's Premium Grade with Gold F-Connectors Coaxial High Definition Surge Suppressor incorporates state-of the-art technology and provides multiple elements of protection for your sensitive High Definition TV, DVR, VOIP, and Internet. Tested to ANSI/IEEE B ring wave standards that exceed normal UL 497 B testing standards by 90 times. Unlike other video line surge suppressors, Stormin Protection's coaxial video line surge suppressor does not employ MOV technology and will not cause high insertion loss on your coax lines. Stormin Protection's coaxial video line is self-restoring after each surge with ratings. Stormin Protection's coaxial video protector does not have a ground wire, or lug that will promote ground loops. Stormin Protection's coaxial protector is design to absorb the surge between the shield and line. Special protection to prevent feed back loop on the shield on the protected side. It's the perfect surge protector for use with the Netsys NH-310C, NH-310H, and NH-310S!


Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 7.5 Volts
  • Typical Leakage Current: <5u amps
  • Maximum Insertion Loss: < .5 dB
  • Operation Temperatures: 0 to 85 C
  • Connectors: Gold F Conn. Male & Female.
  • Maximum Surge Current (8 x 20 us): 500 Amps Total
  • Maximum Surge Voltage (1.2 x 50 us): 6,000 Volts
  • Capacitance: <5 pf
  • Clamping Voltage: 52 Volts
  • Clamping Response Time: <5 nanoseconds
  • Current: Non Load Bearing
  • Voltage: Voltage Sensitive
  • Pass Volt Tested ANSI/IEEE B3 Impulse: <64 Volts Peak
  • Power Dissipation (8 x 20 us): 100,000 Volt Amps
  • Watts: 1200Watts

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