Stormin Protection 90-130V Surge Protection Kit - SP-130VKIT

Stormin Protection 90-130V Surge Protection Kit - SP-130VKIT

Stormin Protection

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The Stormin Protection 90-130V Surge Protection Kit (SP-130VKIT) is the ultimate surge protection solution for Netsys products. Customed designed by Stormin Protection for use with Netsys products, the SP-130VKIT consists of two separate surge suppression devices combined as a system to help eliminate additional ground loops or high voltage and keep heavy currents from passing through. The Stormin Protection SP-130VKIT is specially designed for applications utilizing Netsys products over twisted-pair copper that ARE using the POTS pass through feature. Designed, tested and applied according to real world installation applications, the new SP-130VKIT will keep your Netsys products safe in even the most lightining prone areas!



  • Cost effective Surge Protection Kit
  • Custom Designed for use with Netsys products
  • UL 497a
  • UL 497b
  • Tested to ANSI/IEEE B-3

Technical Specifications

Product Kit Contents
  • 1 X NV-Ddual3WDTB/G 130V Surge Protector
  • 1 X NV-Ddual3WDTB/130V Surge Protector
  • Terminal Board—RJ11 Male
  • Two Stage Protection
  • Full Heat Sinking
  • < 5 Nanoseconds
  • Voltage Sensitive
  • Non Load-Bearing
  • No Follow-On Current
Clamping Point
  • 90-130V DC
Power Dissipation
  • 2,000,000 Volt Amps /Line
  • 4,000,000 Volt Amps /Line Pair
Operating Temperature
  • -40 to 185 °F (-40 to 85 °C)
Operating Environment
  • Weather Proof
Lines Protected
  • One Pair
Ground Lug
  • 1 Ground
Shield/Ground Terminal
  • 1 Shield for Return Wire
  • Comply with UL 497a and UL 497b standards
  • Tested to ANSI/IEEE B-3 Impulse6000V @ 3000 amps

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