Tool-Less 10/100 Ethernet Pigtail Connector - TA45

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The TA45 TOOL-LESS 10/100 ETHERNET PIGTAIL CONNECTOR has an RJ-45 plug connected to a terminating box containing a GF0040 (tool-less IDC terminating block) for connecting 2 pairs of Cat5/Cat5e without the use of professional tools. Two TA45 Connectors can be connected to either end of a desired length of Cat5/Cat5e cable to create a custom Ethernet cable, one end of which could plug into a set top box the other into a router. If the equipment is in separate rooms, the use of TA45s enables a much smaller hole to be drilled through any of the separating walls. Reducing the need to drill larger holes, makes it easier and quicker for engineers or self installers. The TA45 supports 10/100 Ethernet. Gigabit Ethernet is not supported. 

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  • TOOL-LESS 10/100 ETHERNET PIGTAIL CONNECTOR allows anyone to connect Cat5/Cat5e cable to an RJ-45 male/plug, without the use of a crimper or punch down tool.
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