Tool-Less RJ-45 Gigabit Cat5e & Cat6 Ethernet Couplers and Jacks from GF Innovations!

Introducing Tool-Less Ethernet Networking Products from GF Innovations

Creating your own Ethernet cables and getting a wired connection to difficult locations on your network has never been easier with the new line of tool-less Ethernet networking products from GF Innovations.  These RJ-45 Gigabit Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet couplers use a unique and innovative design to eliminate the need for professional network cabling tools, making creating your own Ethernet cables fast and simple.  Perfect for those locations that were previously only accessible by WiFi without the use of a crimper or a punch down tool, the RJ-45 Gigabit Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet couplers from GF Innovations allow you to provide full network speeds to previously inaccessible locations on your network.

Innovative Solutions for Challenging Applications

Whether it’s high definition video and online gaming, or large files and real-time video meetings, the demands being put on network applications are growing exponentially in the home and in commercial environments.  The speeds required to move such high volumes of data in real time are beyond the capabilities of even the fastest WiFi connections, and relying on slow, unreliable wireless signals to reach the remote locations in your home or office impractical.  But with the unique designs of GF Innovations’s RJ-45 Gigabit Cat5e Ethernet couplers and Cat6 Ethernet couplers, you can now provide full network speeds to the most challenging locations on your network without the use of professional networking tools.  Now you can create your own Ethernet cables using only GF Innovations’s color-coded tool-less IDC terminations and a pair of scissors, a fast and easy solution that saves time and reduces cost while increasing the speed and reliability of your network connections.  GF Innovations RJ-45 Gigabit Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet couplers are perfect for:

  • PC communications, VOIP, video-phone
  • Future digital health solutions (e.g. tele/video consultations and health monitoring)
  • Energy metering, monitoring and management
  • Home control, security & monitoring
  • IPTV, media entertainment streaming/sharing

Pair your GF Innovations tool-less RJ-45 Gigabit Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet couplers with Netsys Ethernet extenders to improve your network’s range, speed, and reliability with a unique, cost-effective solution for even the most difficult network installations.

Building a Gigabit Ethernet Connection the Easy Way

Using GF Innovations tool-less networking products and unique GF0080 terminal block built into them, you can quickly and easily create an Ethernet termination or build your own Ethernet cable using these simple steps:

  1. Choose the length of Cat5e / Cat6 cable and cut with an excess of 5 inches for terminating and possible errors.
  2. Strip 1.5 inches of the outer sheath off using cable strippers or carefully with a sharp knife (making sure not to damage wires underneath).
  3. Separate pairs; pull Brown pair to one side and orange to the other, leaving green and blue pairs in the middle.
  4. Untwist the pairs always leading with the white, and arrange in order: white/orange, orange, white/green, green, white/blue, blue, white/brown, brown.
  5. Remove the GF0080 (color-coded wire/terminal block) out of the GF2111 Ethernet jack or GF2120 Gigbit Ethernet coupler.
  6. Straighten wires keeping them in order, and trim the ends with cable cutters or scissors, at a slight angle keeping the shortest wire long enough to reach the end of the GF0080.
  7. Insert the wires into the GF0080, into the appropriate color slots, and trim the extruding wires flush with the end of the GF0080.
  8. Replace the GF0080 with the wires inserted back into the GF2111 or GF2120 and push down firmly to terminate the wires and close the lid.
  9. To build an Ethernet cable using the GF2120 Ethernet coupler, simply repeat the process on the other end.

GF Innovations tool-less networking products make providing wired connections to the far reaches of your network simple and cost effective, eliminating saving time and money while increasing productivity and reliability by eliminating the hassle of needing professional cabling tools or the need to use slow unreliable wireless connections!




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